Printed Circuit Boards

We are able to supply high-quality printed circuit boards at a reasonable price in all usual manufacturing technologies

    ♦ Single-Side Boards
    ♦ Double-Side Boards
    ♦ Multilayer Boards
    ♦ HDI Boards (High Density Interconnects)
    ♦ Flexible and ridid-flexible Boards
    ♦ IMS Boards (Insulated Metal Substrate)

Our long lasting cooperation with our contractual partner enables us to supply our customers with optimal quality, low cost and fast delivery no matter whether your order is a low volume production, middle-sized order or high volume production.

We offer our customers prototype printed circuit boards for board-enable at reasonable prices. These prototypes usually run through the whole process of production to get a reproducible result.

All printed circuit boards are visually and electrically tested. The relevant audit report and microsection is enclosed in every single shipment.

Our manufacturers are UL-listed and ISO-certified.